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Make Your European Vacation Planning
Simpler and More Enjoyable

Save Time...Save Money...
Make your European Vacation more Exciting!

Welcome to this tutorial...

Self-bookers and those booking through an agency - can quickly see what is best for them and to start them off on the right track...

Make your pre-trip-planning enjoyable instead of going from one website to another...

For information on products & services for 19 major countries in Europe click here.


Stop visiting the millions of sites that you get when you type "European Vacation" in your browser.

We already visited many for you.

For over 40 years we have dealt exclusively with travel agents regarding European travel.

Now we have developed an easy-to-follow Seven-Step European Travel Guide and Tutorial for you.

This Tutorial will help you to…

  • Find the information you want before you leave quickly

  • Make your trip more exciting…more enjoyable…the best ever

  • Save lots of time and money before and during your trip

Are you unsure, wondering, confused about...
  • The pros and cons of the products you plan to book

  • Other services that may be better for you

  • Adding anything to make your vacation more memorable

  • How to avoid missed opportunities, unpleasant surprises

  • Many more questions you’d like to have answered

You’re not alone…

The Seven-Step European Travel Guide
and Tutorial saves you hours…and Euros

It’s the only source that covers products and services in Europe exclusively along with their pros and cons...

AND, naturally you want to know BOTH before you book your vacation!


For over 20 years we have conducted hundreds of workshops on How to Plan a European Vacation for thousands of travel agents from Portland, ME to San Diego, from Miami to Seattle…

Now you can have the same information!

If you, or your friends, are planning a European vacation, look at this online Tutorial first…whether you’re planning to book online or with a travel agent.


So...open a bottle of a European wine...and
start enjoying your "Holiday in Europe" right now!

A Different Travel Web Site, you say?

Right you are...there are no pictures...

The reason:
This is an informational site. It will be more helpful for planning your European vacation than pictures and ads.


What you get:
The benefits...the drawbacks...and many time- and money-saving hints about major travel products and services...

The more you know before you book...the better it is for you.

So enjoy your stay with us as long as you want...and have your friends come along, too!

The Seven-step European Travel Guide and Tutorial covers…

  1. Getting There - Traveling To Europe
    Quickly find the best ways to book your transportation to Europe…by air and by sea.

  2. Travel Around - Traveling Within Europe
    Before you book…know the benefits and drawbacks of the major transportation options in Europe – rail, car, ferry, bus or low-cost air. Maybe even combine a few of them.

  3. Where To Stay in Europe
    Find your best accommodations – regular hotels (low-cost, medium-priced, upscale), B&B’s, special accommodations, apartment and villa rentals, home-exchange… The facts you need to know before you book are here!

  4. Sightseeing in Europe
    With the Tutorial you can easily decide what's the best way for you to see the sights in Europe – On your own, guided tours, city walks or bike rides.

  5. Cruises – your “Water Vacations” in Europe
    Find important tips and opportunities for river cruises, barges, “big” and “small” ship cruises, sailing, houseboats and more. Think of the fun you can have in Europe with family and friends.

  6. Vacations – your “Land Vacations” in Europe
    Learn the difference…along with the pros and cons of escorted tours, small group travel, rail vacations and pre-paid programs. Save a lot and avoid missed opportunities!

  7. Enjoy Europe More - Have Fun in Europe
    Plan ahead for daytime and evening entertainment, fun dining experiences, cultural events and much more...

...OR go to the European Travel Resource Center for Products & Services by country at www.agents-traveltoeurope.com