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Your Best Driver Guide in Europe

Here are our most important tips for booking a driver guide in Europe…

  • Contact the guide before you leave home
  • Give to your driver-guide or private guide for a walking tour a list of the things you want to see and experience in that city, and ask for suggestions and a proposed budget.

Driver-guides are available for private walking and driving tours, both in a city and in the countryside.

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The benefits of hiring your own driver-guide…

  • You are in control…you get to choose the time and exactly what you want to see, when to stop for lunch and when to explore something in more detail than you had perhaps originally planned.
  • Your guide knows how to limit the waiting time at museums and other attractions…this is especially important in Italy.
  • You get closer to the information and enjoy personal conversations geared directly to your interests.
  • You get the experience of a lifetime because your tour is personalized and will be like no one else’s tour.
  • You stop being a tourist and become a guest. It’s like having a friend in that city who takes you under his/her wing to show you what only insiders know.

A little more expensive…

Yes…but you’ll get a whole new outlook on travel in just a couple of hours.

Hiring a private guide is great for couples and families who like to get the information they want and experience the destination as an insider.

Tips on planning your own driver-guided tour…

  • Ask your driver-guide if he/she is allowed to guide in museums. In many cities…but not all…they are not and you have to hire a licensed guide or visit the museum on your own…maybe with an audio-guide.
  • If this is important, find this out before you hire one.

  • Ask your guide for restaurant and sightseeing suggestions for the rest of your stay in that city…ask where your guide goes…your guide is the specialist.

Where do you find driver-guides in Europe…?

The Europe Travel Resource Center offers links to private guides and driver-guide services.

Email your specific questions to them and ask for references…the best guides love to offer them…and then you can make your final decision.

So…what’s the best and simplest way to arrange your private guide or driver guide in Europe?

  • If your friends have used a tour guide in London, Paris or other city before…and they liked him/her…contact that guide.
  • Tell the guides exactly what you’d like to see and do that day (or half-day)…you’re in charge. Ask for their suggestions based on your wish list.
  • Ask for a price quote…and decide if you want to take a driver-guided tour or choose another sightseeing option.
  • Check the European Travel Research Center for listings of private guides and driver-guide services in 19 European countries.

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