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Your Best European Sightseeing

European sightseeing doesn't only mean sitting on a bus…

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You can see many cities from many different angles…take your pick or experience them all…

Bike – Walk – Segway – Boat

On these European sightseeing trips, with a knowledgeable guide, you see some areas of a city that you normally would not see in depth plus…you’ll enjoy meeting other travelers who are doing the same.

And on a biking or walking trip you’ll get some exercise as well…

Note that this information is for day trips only. Multi-day European sightseeing trips - walking, hiking, biking and many other special interest activities - will be included later.

Four Different Ways for European sightseeing…

  1. Guided walking tours...London, Paris, Amsterdam and many more...

    See important note on walking tours at the end of this section.

    Guided walks are available in most cities in Europe. The trips in larger cities are organized by private companies. In smaller towns it’s often the local tourist office that offers them.

    Most guided walks last from one to two hours and are inexpensive.

    Your other benefits…

    • Guides are good and often humorous. You’ll enjoy their stories as much as the walks.
    • Flexibility and convenience…you just turn up at the designated starting point at the time stated.

      In many cities no advance bookings are required for this type European sightseeing…if the weather is lousy or you want to sleep in…no problem. You did not register and you did not pay. It’s that simple.

    • If you don’t know what walk to take in London or Paris...these cities have a lot of choices…go to the operators' websites and find the best walk for You!
    • Your fellow walkers…they’re all like you…interesting, adventurers and congenial. People who are fun to “rub elbows with” for a few hours
    • Lots of savingsLondon Walks, the major company in London, offers attractions at a very low cost.

    Any drawbacks…

    You’ve got to do the walking…that’s all. And if it’s raining you may not want to go.

    Some companies want you to pay up front for walking, biking and boating trips…I don’t recommend it unless you really want to prepay as much as possible. Otherwise Vive la Flexibility!

  2. Important Notes on walking tours

    Walking tour operators now offer many types of guided walking tours in many European cities, free or at a small fee. There's an important difference between them.

    Walks at a small fee

    These walks are for the more discerning travelers who want an accurate historic or heritage walk. The guides are truly professional and the group size is limited to about 20. These tours are also light, good-humored and entertaining since people want to enjoy themselves. Tips are optional.

    Because the parties are smaller the guides have more time to answer your individual questions - restaurants, sights -and anything you need to know to enhance your visit to the town. Some offer discounts, such as for Flamingo Shows in Seville, the Guinness Storehouse and the old Jameson Whiskey Distillery in Dublin. These programs feel more like a "private walk" rather than being herded around in a large group.

    Free walks

    Only the first walk is free. They are mainly aimed at young people staying at hostels but some older people take them as well. They tend to be entertaining because at the end of the walks the guides appeal for tips.

    They are not trained guides so their information may not always be correct. There is no limit to the size of the group, often in summer up to 40. Usually twice the number what paid tours have.

    The guides also want to sell you a second tour, often for the evening that you have to pay for. This is usually a pub crawl type of walk where the guides may receive commissions.

    Specialized walks with certified scholars and true specialists

    These walks are for 6 persons maximum. You'll have a deeper dialogue with your docent. Check with Context Tours. (Click "Pick A City" on top)

  3. Guided bike tours

    Your benefits and drawbacks listed with Walking trips apply to Biking and Segway, too.

    You’ll undoubtedly have a great time with a small group of like-minded people from all over the world.

    Bike tours are designed with foreign travelers like you in mind… interesting guides and safe roads for biking. It's not just renting a bike…it’s a fun experience.

    Some cities offer countryside rides in addition to city trips. Would you like to make an interesting day trip from Florence to the Chianti vineyards to taste the wines? Or from Amsterdam through typical flat countryside to small villages north of the city?

    It’s all there for you…and there’s a lot more…click for the special Cycle Cities website: https://www.cyclecities.tours/

  4. Guided Segway experiences

    The Segway is an unusual way to experience a city like Paris, Vienna, Berlin and many other cities. Imagine you cruising effortlessly on the sidewalks of Paris and through the beautiful parks while your guide gives you a great orientation. Note: There are no segway trips in Great Britain with the exception of Belfast.

    The Segway is the first kind of self-balancing, personal transportation device that’s designed to operate in any pedestrian environment. The trips last about about three hours and the number of participants on each tour is limited.

    Discover what it’s like to be a celebrity turning heads as you you glide by. It’s cool and a lot of Fun!

    Segway trips are quite a bit more expensive than the other options, however, you can save by booking with selected operators in Ital listed in the European Travel Research Center. We suggest booking Segway trips in advance.

  5. Guided Boat trips, a great adventure…especially when your feet are tired…

    No traveler to Amsterdam should miss a boat ride through the canals.

    Since I’m from Holland I may be a bit biased…but I think it’s one of the best ways for you to enjoy the beautiful canal houses… seeing this old city from a different angle …and not having to walk…not worrying about the frequent rain, etc.

    Boat rides; for example, on the Thames River in London, the Seine River in Paris, or through the canals in Amsterdam generally last about one hour and are very reasonable. A pleasant way to give your feet some needed rest.

    And, at night, when the cities are lit up, you can enjoy a romantic dinner cruise or the regular boat trips.

Should you book your trips in advance from home or when you’re in Europe?

Your reason to book these types of trips in advance is if you want to pre-pay as many arrangements as possible. (In many cities you get a discount with the Europe Vacation Discount Pass.)

As much as we like to encourage the freedom of independent travel and booking tour programs on the spot, I realize that at times you may prefer to book some programs in advance.

So…what’s the best and simplest way to plan your walking, biking, segway and boat trips in Europe?

  • Look at the European Travel Resource Center for the countries you plan to visit.
  • Decide what programs you plan to participate in. Do they fit with your schedule? Not all trips operate every day.
  • Decide if you want to book them in advance or do you prefer the flexibility.

Whatever European sightseeing trip you take…enjoy it. It’ll be exciting, different and Fun!

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