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Your Best European Travel Packages

Independent European Travel Packages can be…

  • All-Inclusive…
  • Hosted...
  • Fly-drive programs…

Whatever word you use…it means that you buy a few travel products such as air and accommodations in advance…and then you’re on your own…

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The benefits of a European travel package…

  • You buy your airline ticket, accommodations and some other travel services at a much lower price than if you bought them separately…it’s that simple!
  • Even if you prefer independent travel, you can talk with a local host for a few hours each day to answer your questions and make suggestions for sightseeing, restaurants and general tips…all geared for a hassle-free vacation.
  • Most European travel packages you buy are for the major cities in Europe…London, Paris, Rome and Amsterdam.

    They last one or two weeks or shorter…in winter even long weekend trips from North America to Europe are popular at hard-to-beat prices.

  • At times, they will include intra-European rail transportation if you’re buying a London & Paris package or Rome, Florence and Venice.

Who operates these vacations and where you can book them…

Tour operators and the major airlines operate most independent vacation packages to Europe.

You can book them online, but often a good travel consultant knows what’s best for you.

The consultant knows the reliable operators and may not want to sell you the real “cheap package” for a simple reason – he or she wants you to enjoy your vacation and not come back afterwards complaining about a bad hotel in the wrong location, etc…

It happens a lot on the impersonal Internet! It just sells packages…a good travel consultant cares about you.

Remember our earlier advice…the cheapest package may not necessarily be the best one for YOU!

Questions about European travel packages you want to ask a consultant...

Avoid problems before you leave…

  • Who is the tour operator? Are they reliable? Were other clients satisfied with this company?
  • What airline will I be flying on? Most operators use the major airlines but not all…
  • What hotel do you recommend for me…within my budget?
  • What is the number of nights in Europe? A nine-day package from North America only consists of seven nights in Europe.
  • Are transfers from the airport to the city included? A real benefit especially after a long flight.
  • Remember your hotel may not be ready until noon if you’re arriving early in the morning. However, if the operator is a good customer of the hotel and you are expected…you’ll get your room much quicker!

  • What sightseeing is included? Where can I buy optional tours?
  • Is there a host in the city and at what times is this host available? Often it’s only a few hours per day.
  • For self-drive packages…what’s included with the car? What’s not included in the car price…insurance, taxes? For more information see driving in Europe.
  • What are the cancelation charges? Just in case...

What types of European travel packages can you book…

  • Basic city packages…London, Paris…London and Paris combined…include air, accommodation and breakfast…choose the best hotel category and location for you at the price you want to pay.

    Often your airport transfers and a sightseeing tour are included.

  • Self-drive packages…include air transportation, a car and, especially in England and Ireland pre-paid B&B or hotel accommodations.

    All hotels are usually booked in advance. Most times with B&B’s you should book at least the first night (you don’t want to look for a place to stay after a long flight). All nights can be pre-booked at an additional charge.

    And...consider an upgrade to a magnificent castle hotel for your final night. The memories will stay with you forever!

  • All-inclusive packages, especially in southern European countries such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Turkey, often include short multi-day escorted tours.

    In Greece even short cruises and island stays are included.

    Note: Many programs are now also available without the air portion.

So what is the best way to choose your vacation packages to Europe?

  • Decide what package you are looking for… city stay, self-drive or all-inclusive…and what countries you want to visit.
  • Since you have many options, it may be a bit hard to find the best and most reliable companies. So...if you know a good travel agency, contact it…this will save you many hours…

  • You can find many European travel packages on the Internet but only the European Travel Resource Center gives you direct links to reliable operators for each country.

    This should save you even more time.

Final Tip

There are many “cheap packages” listed in travel magazines and on the web…they may be OK, but remember…the cheapest package may not necessarily be…

the best one for YOU!

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