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Planning Your European Vacation

Step six - Land Vacations in Europe

European Vacation Packages…escorted or on your own…the choice is Yours!

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You have many choices for “Land Vacations” just as you did with “Water Vacations.”

What’s the best program for you?

Decide now before you book…

  • What are the goals of your European vacation?

  • Are you traveling alone or with friends or family?
  • What time of the year? City packages are very attractive in the off-season.
  • Do you prefer traveling by coach or train?
  • Do you prefer traveling in a large or small group?
  • Do you want to travel independently and have some services such as air and hotel taken care of by somebody else?

It’s totally up to you…

These are your choices…the pros and cons will make it easier to decide which type of European vacation package you would enjoy the most.

  • Escorted European Tours

    Facts could fill hundreds of pages but that would not necessarily be helpful to you.

    Many travelers prefer escorted tours, while others feel they’re too rushed – 7 o’clock wake up calls and too much herding around, especially when the group reaches 40-50 people although their have been many changes for the better lately.

    Other travelers don’t seem to mind, and actually like, the company of a large group.

    Of course, your vacation depends also on your budget and the operator you choose…deluxe, first class, tourist class, budget…

    More Escorted European Tours information for you.

  • Small Group Touring

    This is different and becoming very popular for a selected group of travelers. You are “completely taken care of” and you travel with fewer than 20 people by minibus or mini-coach.

    Back-Roads Touring, a well-known Britain, Ireland and Europe operator has tours with a maximum of 11 participants and a driver-guide.

    Also Rabbie's Trail Burners Touring from London, Dublin, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

    On some trips you stay at luxury hotels while others offer B&B accommodations and small private hotels.

    No big chain hotels, ever!

    More Small Group Touring information for you.

  • Escorted and Independent Rail Vacations

    If you prefer to travel by train instead of coach, you can choose from several. On the Transcantabrico and Al Andalus Spain, the Venice Simplon-Orient Express and the Royal Scotsman, you sleep on the train.

    You stay at B&B's or hotels on escorted rail vacations in Ireland and independent rail trips in Switzerland and Norway.

    Again, the choice is yours.

    More European Rail Vacations information for you.

  • All-inclusive travel packages

    You can book European vacation packages that include some items and leave the rest for you to do. Air transportation and accommodations are usually provided. Others offer a sightseeing tour, a car, or a transfer upon arrival.

    Self-drive car programs with pre-paid accommodations are especially popular in Ireland and Great Britain. They can be on a reserved or an open-date basis.

    European Travel Packages information for you.

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