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Make it Simple to Find Free Attractions, Unusual Sights and Factory Tours
in Europe

Europe is a great continent to visit when it comes to free attractions and unusual sights.

Include some of them in your vacation and you’ll see a whole different Europe. But plan ahead…avoid missed opportunities.

The European Travel Planning Tutorial
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  • Free Attractions in Europe…

    Many tourist attractions in Europe are free including several well-known museums…such as the British Museum in London.

    We have researched the Internet for good helpful sites that list these attractions in the major European capitals…saving you lots of time looking for them…helping you avoid missed opportunities.

  • Unusual experiences in Europe

    Do you look for something out of the ordinary to do in Europe? Here are some ideas…there are many more…

    • Go on a guided mud-walking trip to an uninhabited island in the northern part of Holland
    • Slide down into a salt-mine in Germany or Austria
    • Visit the largest flower market in the world close to Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport

    In the European Travel Resource Center we give you more examples with direct links to the information you need. Plan ahead! Your trip will be more interesting and enjoyable.

  • Factory tours…often they become the highlight of a day

    In Europe, many factories welcome visitors, giving tours and sometimes free samples.

    Others, like the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam or the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, are important tourist attractions, however, do charge a fee…

    In the European Travel Resource Center you will find - listed by country - the major factories with direct links. They run all the way from pottery to glass, chocolates (think Belgium), champagne, wines, toys, cars…and many more…

Europe offers you lots of interesting sights and exciting experiences.

The problem…too many web sites…

So…to save you the time and money, we created this Tutorial and the European Travel Resource Center.

Check it out…then you decide
what to see and do!

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