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Your Best Home Exchange in Europe

Is a Home Exchange with a European family for you?

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Have you ever considered a vacation house swap?

You arrange to exchange your home for an agreed period of time with a family in Europe.

This means that your accommodation is free. Often in addition to swapping your home, you can swap your car at the same time, avoiding rental charges.

House exchanges are usually for one to three weeks. Families and seniors are the most active vacation house exchangers. And remember, you get the best tips about visiting the area from a “local”. But, first ask a lot of questions!

Your first question…Will my home be in good hands?

That’s understandably your major question.

Luckily, the odds are favorable, especially if you’re doing a direct swap, because you will be expected to care properly for the home of your exchange partners while they are staying at your home.

The most common issue arises from varying standards of cleanliness.

Helpful tips to prevent problems and misunderstandings

  • You should ask for references before agreeing to an exchange…from the home-exchange organization in which you are a member.
  • Have your visitors sign an informal agreement that outlines the terms of your home exchange.
    • Can exchangers use your computer or phone?
    • Have you agreed to water exchanger's plants?
    • Is the car part of the deal?

House swap organizations have sample agreements you can print.

Other important house exchange suggestions for you…

  • Leave your exchange partner with important contact numbers, insurance, information and instructions on how to use your appliances.
  • Provide clean linens, plenty of toilet paper and other household items.
  • Leave a small amount of fresh food and drinks to tide your guests over until they can do their own grocery shopping.
  • Make sure your house is clean and that you have plenty of drawer and closet space.
  • If you have valuables you don’t want them to be accessible; store them in a safe, or close off a room in your house while you’re gone.
  • Leave your exchange partner’s home exactly as you found it and be sure there are fresh linens on the beds before you leave, and…
  • If you enjoyed your stay, consider leaving your home exchange partners a bottle of wine or a fruit basket as your token of appreciation.

Are you still interested in a house exchange in Europe?

If so, I suggest that you get a copy of the Home Exchange Academy e-Book or Home Exchange for all other very helpful advice. (Now on Kindle only via Amazon.com - CUT+PASTE: https://www.amazon.com/Home-Exchange-Academy-Everything-exchanging-ebook/dp/B002L16PV4

  1. It starts with a discussion about the many house exchange organizations and which features are viewed positively and which should be seen as red flags.
  2. Then it walks you through setting up your listing, with tips on how to expand the information to your benefit.
  3. Recommendations for corresponding with fellow members are also mentioned - how to initiate contacts and how to respond to inquiries you receive plus car exchange tips.

They’re all powerful secrets that you can use to make your home exchange work the best for you.

So…what’s the best and simplest way to exchange your house with a European family?

  • Follow the recommendations of your friends, if they have already done a similar exchange.
  • Check the suggestions listed in this Tutorial.
  • If you’re new to vacation house exchanges read the the E-Book listed above.`

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