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Hop On Hop Off Sightseeing Tours

in Europe

See London, Paris and 80 other European cities on a Hop On Hop Off bus tour.

The Hop On – Hop Off city tour – also called Open Top Tours - started in Spain many years ago…now you can see almost every major city the Hop On - Hop Off Way.

And…a great way it is to see a city at a low cost without wasting time…

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Your benefits for the Hop On - Hop Off or Open Top Tours are…

  • You can see a lot of the city, in a very short time…
  • You are on your own inside museums and other sights. The bus will take you quickly from one attraction to the other eliminating having to take buses, underground services or taxis on your own.
  • Hop On - Hop Off buses follow a certain route and have scheduled pick-up times…so you know when to be back at the bus stop for your next ride.
  • Hop On – Hop Off tours trips are less expensive than the regular guided bus tours that may include entrance fees to museums, other attractions and a professional guide.
  • You can spend as much or as little time at each attraction as you want or you don’t have to get off the bus at all…making it an easy city tour without stops.
  • You don’t have to pre-book and pre-pay for the services…although some web sites offer you a small discount if you book in advance.

Find the information on all 80 Hop On Hop Off cities in Europe

You can find information on all 80 Hop On – Hop Off tours on the City Sightseeing Worldwide web site…with links to all the information you want – itineraries and maps, pick-up and drop off points and times, prices for adults and children, plus savings.

Independent companies in each city operate the Hop On - Hop Off bus tours.

Want to save even more time…

Since no entrance fees are included on Hop On – Hop Off trips, look into the London Pass, Paris Pass, Berlin and Dublin Pass. (and now many more cities). Click here.

These passes include the entrance fees for most major sights (decide in advance what you don’t want to miss…)

And, more importantly, you don’t have to stand in line to buy your ticket…just swipe your pass and you’re in…saving you lots of valuable sightseeing time.

So…what’s your best and simplest way to plan your Hop On Hop Off sightseeing in Europe?

  • Check the European Travel Research Center and City Sightseeing sites for all the information you need.
  • Plan ahead. Decide which routes you should take. Cities such as London and Paris have two or three different routes. You can always go from one to the other on exchange stops.
  • Decide in advance what attractions or museums you want to visit.
  • Check the London, Paris, Berlin and Dublin Pass links to see if they can save you money as well as time. (Click link for many more cities)

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