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Luxury Accommodations in Europe

Personalized service is...

the key when it comes to luxury accommodations in Europe…be it hotels, castles, manor houses, mansions or even palaces.

This along with recommendations from friends, is the best way to find luxury accommodations that you will enjoy.

In travel magazines and on web sites you find many “best hotel” listings; however, all are the personal opinions of the readers.

That brings us back again to your friends…

In addition, from our 40-years experience in European travel, here are several specific hotel groups that stress luxury and personal attention.

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Hotels offering deluxe accommodations

  • Great Britain

    The Pride of Britain Hotels is a marketing consortium for small, privately owned hotels at the top end of the market. Membership is limited to 50 properties. Members themselves decide if a new applicant is suitable to the group. The maximum number of rooms is 150.

  • Ireland

    Country Houses, Luxury Hotels, Boutique and Castle Hotels are included in the Ireland Blue Book, an exclusive listing of luxury accommodations. Each offers great character and individuality and, of course, elegant accommodations and superb cuisine.

  • France

    France is known for the many castles where you can visit and for the castles where you can stay. The members of the Hotels des Grandes Etappes, a family owned group of ten Chateaux Hotels and 4-star Residences, are very upscale.

    Two other groups, the Relais et Chateaux and the Chateaux & Hotels Collection, are in the Special Hotels section of this Tutorial.

  • Portugal and Spain

    Paradores in Spain and Pousadas in Portugal are also listed in the Special Hotels section. The properties are deluxe and first class. The charm of these is that they are mostly in local historical buildings and serve regional food.

  • Luxury Apartments

    Hotels are not the only luxurious accommodations. Deluxe apartments are covered in the apartment section of this Tutorial.

An important difference to remember when booking deluxe accommodations in Europe…

Unlike lower cost and moderate accommodations, upscale properties are usually booked in advance.

The European Travel Resource Center has the information for many other groups of luxury hotels. It offers you direct links to all the information for European 19 countries…

We have already saved you many hours by researching this for you.

So…what’s the best and simplest way to book your luxury accommodations in Europe?

  • Follow the recommendations of your friends.
  • Check the suggestions listed in this Tutorial, especially the Special Hotels and booking offices for France and Italy.
  • Look at the “Accommodation By Country” information in the European Travel Resource Center.
  • Don’t forget to book your deluxe accommodations in advance from home.

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