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Medium Priced Hotels in Europe

Are you ready to rest your head in some medium priced hotels in Europe? That’s what we often do…

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Two-and three-star hotels...

are now the most popular type of accommodation in Europe.

So how do you find the best in this ”in-between” category?

Your first choice should be the personal recommendations from your friends who also stay at similar medium priced hotels.

My Holland Experience…

In Amsterdam, for example, when we don’t stay with relatives we often book the Ibis Hotel near Schiphol Airport. Ibis is a group of good two-star hotels all over Europe, including the major cities.

Yes, every chain is represented close to the airport, but at this Ibis Hotel we feel at home.

It has all we need, no unnecessary frills – several choices of different restaurants, a lounge and lots of parking – so that we can easily visit relatives for the day in other parts of the country.

However, if you have not been to Amsterdam before, you undoubtedly want to stay in the city…so here’s another good option for you.

Booking medium-priced hotels on the web…

Hotels.com (part of Expedia) and Bookings.com (part of Priceline) are two of the major online booking engines for all of Europe. It gives you choices in all price categories with direct links to all the hotel details you want. It’s a great site. We have used it often.

It’s a good way to decide your budget before selecting among the many options. Location, of course, is important and depends on your personal choice.

If you prefer to see hotel reviews from other travelers before you book, go to TripAdvisor.

But…be careful. Some comments are just “too good to be true” and others are just the opposite. Anyone can leave a comment – bad or good – or too bad or too good!

Your popular medium-priced hotel groups in Europe…

  • Holiday Inn Express Hotels - Most regular Holiday Inns in Europe are first class or 4-star hotels - not medium priced.
  • Ibis Hotels - You find them all over Europe. I like them and have stayed at many.
  • Minotels - Smaller family-owned-and-managed hotels, known for personal atmosphere and service.
  • Mercure Hotels - Three star hotels belonging to the same group as the two-star Ibis and four-star Sofitel hotels.

However, especially in this “in-between” group of accommodations, the best advice comes from friends who know you well. Those who know what you want and what extras you do not need.

The European Travel Resource Center offers you many more choices and recommendations for each of the 19 major European countries.

So…what’s the best and simplest way to book your medium-priced hotels in Europe?

  • Follow your friends’ recommendations.
  • Check the suggestions listed in this Tutorial, especially Hotels.com and Bookings.com.
  • Look at the “Accommodations By Country” section in the European Travel Resource Center.
  • If you’re already in Europe, try to visit the local tourist information offices…the safest way to get up-to-date information on medium-priced hotels in a city or region.

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