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Make It Simple To Go Sailing In Greece

and Other Mediterranean Countries

Are you ready to go sailing in Greece, Turkey, Croatia...

On your own or with a crew?

I’m sure you've seen the beautiful pictures…sailing the Greek Islands in your own yacht or sailing vessel… relaxing in the sun with a drink in your hand…letting the world’s worries go by the wayside…

It is undoubtedly a great vacation, but there are a few questions to be answered first...

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Your first question should probably be…

Bareboat...or Hire a Skipper… here’s the scoop

  • Bareboat charters are available for sailboats that have an overall length of 28 to 60 ft…8 to 18 meters. You sail the boat without hiring a crew.
  • You can charter bareboat if you or any of your crewmates have a sailing license or certificate…or can offer references that show sailing proficiency for skippering the size you plan to charter.
  • You should consider hiring a skipper if you or any of your crewmates don’t have the experience, or if you want to sail the boat, but don’t want to take responsibility of the charter.
  • One reason even experienced captains hire a skipper for sailing in Greece is the local knowledge of the sailing conditions…winds, currents…as well as the knowledge of the best places to see along your sailing itinerary.

    Islands are more scattered around and require longer hauls between ports than for example, in the Virgin Islands.

Let’s look at your sailing in Greece vacation choices…

  • Bareboat yachts and catamarans…choose your boat and set sail into the blue Aegean and Ionian Seas.
  • A crewed sailing holiday if you need a skipper, a chef to cook your meals or other sailing crew.
  • Luxury sailing yachts…top quality, with crew for a memorable holiday.
  • Luxury motor yachts and mega yachtsfully crewed from various locations in the Greek islands…from 4 to 80 passengers

And here are your two “in between bareboat and crewed” options...

1. Flotilla Saling - one lead boat…followed by five or six skippered boats of which you are one...

The lead boat is your guide and personal assistant for the week. This crew knows best where to sail depending on the Greek weather and water conditions. You sail on your own…but if you need some assistance…that crew is right there!

Cut+Paste: http://www.sunsail.eu/flotilla-sailing


2. Share A Sail…is ideal for beginners and intermediates if your party is too small to charter a sailing yacht.

You rent one cabin, of the four on a crewed 51 ft. sailing yacht that has simple facilities. Your typical day for a week includes four to seven hours of sailing and a swim stop that includes a simple lunch.

Overnights are always in a port…so you can enjoy Greek nightlife!

How do you decide which boat to charter?

Some question to think of…

  • Decide how many will be in your group…couples, singles, children.
  • What type and length boat do you want…sailboat, motor sailer, motor yacht.
  • How long do you want to sail each day and how much time do you want to be on the islands.
  • What’s your budget…costs are affected by size, type of boat and length of your charter.
  • Your sailing plan…do you or your friends have some “must-see” places.


In addition to the boat charter, you still have to pay for fuel, water and port fees collected by the islands’ port authorities…

So what is the best way to book your own boat?

  • Decide on the above items regarding size, type of ship, budget and area.
  • Decide whether you want a bareboat or do you feel more comfortable with a crew. (Also Flotilla Sailing or Share A Sail)
  • Hit the web or contact your local charter booking office for personal assistance.
  • The European Travel Resource Center lists several companies, both in Greece and North America.

In this Tutorial you will find other all-inclusive sailing and yachting vacations in Greece and Turkey under Small Ship Cruising.

All you have to do on these vacations is enjoy yourself…no work!

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