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Your Best Small Group Tour in Europe

Enjoy Small Group Touring in Europe…

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This type group travel offers you organized independenceyou won’t be “herded” from place to place, and you can choose to stay with your guide…or explore at your own pace.

These tours are designed to be flexible enabling you to take advantage of special sights and events.

You’ll also see the well-known sights…from a different angle.

The philosophy of these tours is to take you ”behind the tourist façade” to see the real country and its people...

Your benefits of Small Group Tours

  • You travel with a small number of participants (10 – 15) in a mini-coach compared to up to 45 in a large bus.
  • You’ll have a leisurely trip… no early morning wake up calls…no rush to be at pre-determined places.
  • You’ll enjoy your vacation with congenial travelers…who like to also be looked after for a couple of days or weeks.

    They’re usually educated and relatively well-to-do…but they don’t always demand deluxe hotels every night.

    Note that some tours are indeed deluxe!

  • You stay overnight and have some meals at personal hotels and inns, not large chain hotels.
  • You’ll enjoy unique itineraries…from three days to two weeks with your own English speaking driver-guide.

Are there drawbacks of these tours?

  • Not really…with the exception that, understandably, they may be a bit more expensive than regular escorted tours…

Where in Europe can you join these tours...

  • You find the majority in Great Britain…England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and France.
  • A few selected programs are in Belgium (from London), Germany and Italy.
  • Spain and Portugal offer upscale programs.
  • Some special interest operators stress gourmet meals.

How long do the tours last?

  • Most trips last one or two weeks.
  • From London, Edinburgh/Glasgow and Dublin you can take three- and four-day trips. Combine either one with a London stay to have a week’s vacation.
  • You can also combine two short tours in Britain and make it a one-week trip.

So what is the best way to choose your Small Group Tour in Europe?

It’s a lot simpler than choosing regular escorted tours because there are not that many…

  • Decide what country to visit. Tours are often limited to one country or even a small part of a country.
  • Odysseys Unlimited is an upscale American tour operator that offers multi-country tours in Europe with 12 to 24 participants.
  • Back-Roads Touring in London is the major operator in Great Britain and Ireland - also for France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany/Austria and Croatia/Slovenia. (The company is now called Blue-Roads Touring)

  • Rabbie's Trail Burners offers departures from London, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dublin.

  • In the European Travel Resource Center you will find other programs with direct links to the operators.
  • One final note…

    Once you’ve been on a small group tour and you discover you like it…you might be back for another trip the following year.

    It’s very easy to get used to this kind of touring…a group of congenial people… and the driver-guide does all the work!

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