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Trans Atlantic crossings are the best way to go to Europe…if you have the time and you want to relax for a few days…

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We did it twice and loved it. If you haven't done it, you owe yourself this experience. It’s quite different from a Caribbean or Mediterranean cruise. No stopping off for sightseeing, local shopping. You have a choice of either lots of activities or relaxation for six or seven days.

Does a trans Atlantic crossing by sea sound like an exciting experience to you? Take your pick. You have three choices…

  1. The Queen Mary II…The Way To Go!

    “There’s nothing that compares to a trans Atlantic crossing aboard a Queen” wrote a guest in Cunard’s summer brochure.

    So right he was…it’s a voyage steeped in history and legend – an iconic rite of passage for intrepid travelers like you – sailing across one great ocean between two glorious continents!

    Discover the glamor and elegance of yesteryear on a classically graceful trans Atlantic cruise ship designed explicitly to traverse this storied route in pure luxury and sumptuous style…

    OK…that’s enough of temptation…try it and if you like the sea, you're going to enjoy the experience for six days either before or after your European vacation…

    Do you need more reasons to go…

    Each day is filled with exciting possibilities on a trans Atlantic crossing aboard the Queen Mary II. Embrace the pleasures of the Canyon Ranch Spa, taste wines from the largest wine cellar afloat, enjoy endless forms of entertainment…and a lot more.

    Let me come back to earth for a few moments…

    The Queen Mary II is big and offers many different accommodation categories – with different restaurants for each category – so how do you choose the best cabin for you and for your budget?

    There’s only one answer. Visit a travel consultant who has crossed the Atlantic on the ship. Don’t know any? No problem...call Cunard and a staff member will suggest several trans Atlantic cruise specialists.

    It will probably be the trip of a Lifetime. Don’t take your chances …get good advice from a true Queen Mary II specialist!

    Cunard 2018-2019 sailings:

    Cunard Trans-Atlantic crossing revieuws. Cut+Paste:

    Special web page below: 101 things to do on your trans Atlantic crossing Cut+Paste: http://www.cunard.com/Documents/Brochures/101thingstodo.pdf

  2. Repositioning Cruises between Europe and North America

    Are you looking for a cruise bargain that brings you relaxing, wonderful days at sea…like on the Queen Mary II listed above…but at a lower cost?

    It’s possible with the repositioning cruises.

    Many large cruise ships sailing in European waters will cross the Atlantic in the spring and return to North America in the fall. Instead of sailing empty, cruise lines discount these crossings.

    They are popular if price is a major factor. Daily rates are often much lower than those on cruises that start and terminate at the same cruise port (i.e.the Caribbean or Alaska.)

    Are there possible drawbacks with repositioning cruises? Yes, a few…

    • Many cruisers love the days in a port for shopping and sightseeing. You can’t do that on a reposition cruise…

    • Embarking and disembarking in different ports…often thousands of miles away…makes the air portion of your trip more expensive.

    • Passengers feel that because they are "at sea all day" they spend more than expected in bars, casinos, and shops…

    • You may not be able to take 10 to 18 days off from work…

    Just as with most travel arrangements…you have to look at the pros and the cons.

    As I mentioned with the Queen Mary II, go to a good travel specialist who has sailed on the ship you’re planning to cruise.

    The specialist knows the ins and outs and can offer you what you want within your budget…better than you trying to deal with the cruise lines directly.

    Repositioning Cruises comments:

    Cruise Critic - Cut+Paste:

    TripAdvisor comments

  3. Travel by Freighter

    • Fun
    • Relaxation
    • Adventure
    • No crowds
    • Companionship and...
    • An informal atmosphere on board

    Traveling by freighter to Europe offers you all this and more…

    These are some reasons why people travel on a freighter, either for a trans Atlantic crossing, a segment of a longer itinerary or a full trip from 2 weeks to 5 months.

    If you like informality, freighters are for you. You’re not required to dress up for meals, so you can leave your tie or your cocktail dress at home.

    Freighters do not offer any pre-planned activities other than mealtimes when travelers eat with the officers. However, there is often a small exercise room, swimming pool and TV room with a selection of movies.

    Freighter passengers enjoy meeting the officers and crew, and become part of the shipboard family.

    Freighter travel is like small group touring on the water.

    With two to twelve passengers, lasting friendships often form.

    If you want a change of pace and be away from the crowds, you may discover that freighter cruising is a way of traveling you love. For all the information you want and need before you go…contact a freighter travel specialist listed below.

So…how do you simplify booking your sea transportation to Europe?

  • For Queen Mary II trans Atlantic crossings… visit Cunard Line for sailing dates, price categories and other information. Then contact a GOOD travel consultant who has sailed on the ship.
  • For Repositioning Cruises… click “repositioning cruises” in the search engines. You will find several large cruise companies. Look at the information and ask the company for three good travel consultants near you. Then choose the one you feel the most comfortable with and is the most responsive to your needs.
  • For Travel By Freighter… contact only true Freighter Travel Specialists…Freighter Cruises or FreighterTrips.

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