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Step Two - Traveling In Europe

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Welcome to Europe!

Now let’s see what’s the best and most leisurely way for you to travel around Europe.

If you’re planning to visit just one city such as London, Paris or Rome, you’re already there when your flight landed in that city. You can start enjoying the sights, the restaurants and other activities we’ll be talking about in this Tutorial.

However, if you plan to visit two or more countries or even several cities in one country, it’s time to start planning. We’ll make it very easy for you because we’ll show you the pros and cons – as well as other information you want before you leave on one of the five major transportation choices in Europe.

Rail and car are the most popular methods of travel in Europe, however, ferry, long distance bus and low-cost air are often part of a European vacation.

  • Traveling in Europe by Rail

    European trains are fast, punctual and comfortable; but there are also some drawbacks…that you can easily overcome if you plan ahead. Be aware of them before you decide what’s the best for your vacation.

    You can save a lot on train travel by making some arrangements in advance before you leave home. You have two options - buying a pass or regular rail tickets. See the link below.

    More Europe by Rail information for you...

  • Traveling in Europe by Car

    If you want to be more on your own while traveling around the countryside, renting or leasing a car may be better for you. But remember, you have to do the work – driving the car!

    The link below has all the options, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each - and many more tips. Whatever car you rent or lease, always make the arrangements at home before you leave for Europe. (In the Europan Travel Research Center you'll learn about one company that many travel agencies use for European car rentals more often than any other...you may be surprised)

    It’s a lot more expensive once you’re in Europe. And let me tell you that Bigger is not always Better…even if there’s no extra charge or you get a free upgrade.

    More Europe by Car information for you...

  • Traveling in Europe by Ferry

    On the Continent you obviously don’t need ferries; but if you’re coming and going from Ireland or Great Britain, it’s a different story. And there are also many ferries within Scandinavia and crossing the Mediterranean.

    A ferry from Copenhagen to Oslo or Stockholm to Helsinki – even for one night - is like an exciting mini-cruise. Swimming pools and saunas, restaurants, bars, a nightclub and comfortable beds are all part of the deal. And the following morning you arrive at your next destination – no driving, no trains.

    So it’s no wonder that even with many low-cost airfares, visitors still choose an overnight ferry rather than air travel on a European holiday. It’s like a one-night vacation in itself.

    More Europe by Ferry information for you...

  • Traveling in Europe by Bus

    Yes, they do exist all over Europe and are popular with two specific groups of travelers – young people on a low budget and seniors who have the time.

    You often see more by bus (also called coach) than by train – especially when driving through the countryside - think of Switzerland - and cities. The bus is much cheaper and slower, the train is more expensive and faster… the choice is yours!

    More Europe by Bus information for you...

  • Traveling in Europe by “low-cost" Air

    Once a year, when we visit the World Travel Market in London, we fly from Boston to Amsterdam and then change to a flight for London. The Amsterdam-London portion is basically free and included in the overall fare.

    Since we always stay a few days in Holland visiting relatives, we have to buy a separate one-way fare back to Amsterdam from London. With the regular airlines, such as British Airways and KLM, the cost is over $300 for one person.

    So like most Europeans we fly, especially on a one-way flight, with a low cost airline such as Easy Jet, Ryanair, Air Berlin, Norwegian or Transavia. The London to Amsterdam fare is about $150 for two people!

    Yes, airfares in Europe have come down drastically; but you still need to know what to expect...and not to expect because usually you book these flights before you leave home.

    More Europe by "low cost" Air information for you...

No matter what way you plan to travel in Europe, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

The European Travel Resource Center and this Tutorial will give you all the information plus savings and tips you need for all services.

Its purpose…to help you avoid possible difficulties in Europe. Ones that you can easily solve in advance with a little extra planning. The Tutorial can make your trip the best ever!

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