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Step One - Traveling to Europe

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Booking your flights or a trans Atlantic cruise is confusing…
so what’s the best way for you to travel to Europe?

This depends on where you are coming from. Traveling to Europe is often the most expensive portion of your European vacation. It’s also the most confusing - and dare we say...least exciting unless you plan to do a crossing by sea. With the exception of a few major airlines, traveling by air is not that much fun anymore.

But…if you’re coming from North America, remember ships still travel across the Atlantic Ocean on a regularly scheduled basis. And, just as in the past, that’s where the fun of traveling TO Europe comes in.

You have two options: The information pages – with pros and cons, booking options, and helpful hints - are listed below.

  • Traveling by Air...

    is the easiest and cheapest way if you’re going to Europe from America, Asia, the South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand and Africa. If you live in the Middle East or Northern Africa, you can always take a short ferry across the Mediterranean...or a long train ride via Istanbul.
  • Traveling by Sea...

    from North America is a great way to do a trans-Atlantic crossing in a week from the New World to the very exciting Old World. We’ve done crossings on the France and the Queen Elizabeth II…both sailings were great…and we’re looking forward to experiencing life aboard the Queen Mary II, also.

Booking your flights to Europe can be simple, but it can also be confusing…

With the Internet it’s simple, but to get the best fare is a whole different story. There are so many prices, plus all options have so many different rules for cancellations and date changes.

Whatever you do, if you plan to make your own airline reservations, please read the small print very carefully, especially for international flights. Airlines are not very forgiving if you booked a date or flight in error.

Spending lots of time on your computer vs paying a small booking fee.

If you’re not familiar with all the airline terms and don’t want to spend hours on your computer, ask for help.

  • You can book the flights to Europe…including discount airfares...via your travel consultant and then do the rest of your trip within Europe yourself with the help of this Tutorial and the European Travel Resource Center.
  • For a relatively small charge you save a lot of time and frustration with a good consultant. Since consultants no longer receive commissions from airlines, they are forced to charge a fee. But...they are certainly worth the money you spend. They might well save you aggravation later.
  • Read When to contact a travel consultant on the Europe Travel Pass site (the Pass itself is NO longer available) for information about some of the extra benefits you receive when booking flights. Even though we know how to check flights, I sometimes go to a professional travel consultant - every fee she charges is worth the time I save.

On the other hand, if you enjoy trying to find the best fare and have the time…go for it. But remember if you have problems later, you're on your own!

Your Air options Traveling to Europe..

On the Air Travel Information Page in this Traveling to Europe section you will find many ways to make flight reservations – with pros and cons for each:

  • Meta search sites
  • Online agencies
  • Consolidators
  • Discount airlines
  • "Cheap air" booking sites

All these are in addition to regular airline booking possibilities! All have benefits and drawbacks you should know about.


Your Sea options Traveling to Europe...

The Sea Travel Information Page offers you the pros and cons for…

  • Cunard Line’s Queen Mary II, the only passenger liner with a regular trans Atlantic schedule between North American and Europe
  • Position cruises between Europe and North America in the spring and fall
  • Freighter travel, if you’re more the adventurer type and prefer being with fewer passengers

How you travel to Europe and what you pay, it will be worth it.

You’ll have a great vacation, and this Tutorial will help you simplify your planning.

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