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Your Best Unusual Hotels in Europe

Spice up your life!

Experience some very pleasant, unusual hotels on your next vacation in Europe.

You have lots of interesting choices…Pousadas, Paradores, Castles, Romantic Inns and many more…

Most of the international hotel chains have properties all over Europe…modern buildings that offer lots of conveniences…but they are all the same, wherever you stay in Europe…

Luckily you have many interesting spots to rest your head for the night…some types you find only in one country, others are all over Europe.

The European Travel Resource Center lists all by country with a direct link to all the information you want…including special savings.

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Let us take you on a quick tour of some of Europe’s Unusual Hotels

  • Pousadas in Portugal

    Throughout Portugal this special group has 40 luxurious hotels in castles, palaces, mansions, manor houses and other historical buildings. Pousadas are divided in three categories…historic, naturalistic and atmospheric settings.

    Do you want another reason to stay at a Pousada instead of a regular hotel? In each Pousada you’ll find a restaurant serving regional specialties, accompanied by of course…Portuguese wines.

    You receive special discounts at Pousadas if you’re over 55 including the Golden Age Passport.

    Pousadas are very popular; and since several are small, I suggest booking them as far in advance as possible.

    Before leaving for Portugal you can get details on all Pousadas complete with colorful pictures and descriptions from the Portuguese Tourist Office in your country.

  • Paradores in Spain

    Paradores, similar to pousadas in Portugal, are luxury accommodations in castles, palaces, fortresses, monasteries, convents and historic buildings that are important to each region. Note that you won’t find a Parador in Madrid. The closest ones are in Toledo and Chinon.

    Paradores offer you many discounts…for young people between 20 and 35 as well as a Golden Age Passport if you’re over 55.

    We suggest you request a brochure giving descriptions of all Paradores from the Spanish Tourist Office in your country before you leave home.

  • Three unusual accommodations in France…two of them are in other countries also

    1. The Relais et Chateaux is a collection of 475 of the finest hotels and gourmet restaurants in several European countries.

      Gastronomy, the "haute couture" of fine dining is a key feature. The chefs place their creativity and expertise in the service of your "taste buds."

    2. Relais de Silence, also in several other European countries, brings you a calm, peaceful environment in the countryside, and a warm welcome by the owner in a family atmosphere. These properties range from seven to fifty rooms and from two to four stars…

      At the Relais de Silence hotels you can enjoy your stay in a castle, manor house or historic mill…and relax…

    3. You find the Chateaux and Hotels Collection only in France. Hotels in this small group range from exceptional, remarkable hotels and friendly inns to small "feel-at-home” properties.

  • Germany’s Special accommodations

    1. Romantik Hotels…the name already says enough…are privately owned and operated family hotels that offer you the individuality you want. You find most of them in the countryside or at the outskirts of smaller towns.

      (Now also available in several other European countries)

      Romantik Hotels are also noted for their upscale selections of foods and wines.

    2. Gast im Schloss…or Guest in A Castle…takes you back to owner-managed castles, palaces and manor houses . Germany, loaded with castles, is a great country for you and your family to experience a Castle Stay.

  • Great Britain offers you lots of special hotels…

    1. Old English Country Inns - Spoil yourself for a few days in one of the more than 600 cozy hotels and Old English Country Inns nestled in some of the prettiest regions of Olde England.

      Whatever you need, country inns are the perfect accommodation for couples and families. Don’t worry…they are not all the same…make your choice from ancient, riverside, thatched, romantic, haunted, seaside or country inns…they’re all here.

    2. Welsh Rarebits are countryside hotels known for their atmosphere and ambiance. We stayed at several during a vacation in Wales - alternating between the Welsh Rarebits and the country’s Great Little Places; a selected group of B&B’s.

      What a great experience…meeting the locals at a B&B and having all the luxuries at a Welsh Rarebit. You can’t go wrong with either group.

    3. Scotland’s Hotels of Distinction is similar to the Welsh Rarebits, a small group of privately owned hotels that have a maximum of 25 rooms. Do you want to experience Scottish food? Many are members of the Taste of Scotland program.

Are those all the choices for your unusual hotels in Europe?

No way…you find many similar historic properties in Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Greece and Spain.

Include a few of these unusual hotels on your next European vacation…you’ll experience a whole different Europe!

So…what’s the best and simplest way to book your unusual hotels in Europe?

  • Follow your friends’ recommendations.
  • Check the suggestions listed in this Tutorial.
  • Look at the “by country” information in the European Travel Resource Center.
  • If you’re already in Europe and you would like to stay at something more memorable than a regular hotel, visit the local tourist offices…the best way to get all the information you want…

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