Make It Simple and Fun To Decide

What to See in Europe

Do you enjoy sightseeing-on-your-own?

Then deciding what to see in Europe becomes an important question…because walking in a European city is the best way to experience its atmosphere and flavor…

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Some helpful tips for enjoying Sightseeing-on-your-own in Europe are listed below.

  • What to see in Europe on your own means buying an up-to-date guide book that offers interesting walking tours in different parts of a city. Check out the guides carefully to see which one is best for you.

  • Ask local tourist offices for specially designed city walk brochures – some are free, others are available for a small charge.

  • Purchase or rent City Audio guides…they’re popular, because of the widespread use of iPods.

    You can take all the time you like because your finger controls the pause button. Missed that important piece of information? Just rewind the track.

    To get city audio guides is simple. You find the walk you want on the Internet - usually there’s a demo you can listen to. Click the “buy now” or “download” button, pay the fee by credit card and wait for an email confirmation.

    It includes a link that will begin the download process to your computer. Once it’s finished you place the file on your iPod and you’re all done.

  • Rent audio-guides. Many museums and other attractions now offer their own that you can rent on the spot…they’re very useful…most importantly, you get a lot more out of your visit.

    We did when we rented the “top attractions” in the British Museum in London.

  • Free Attractions Listings, Paris, London or Amsterdam…or any other European city. Yes, all cities offer them. The European Travel Resource Center offers direct links to the information for each country.

Valuable time- and money-savers if you’re an “On-your-own” sightseer...

It will make it simpler to decide what to see in Europe

  • The London Pass, Paris Pass, Berlin, Dublin and Holland Pass

    - now also for Rome/Vatican, Vienna, Barcelona, Stockholm.

    These five best known passes offer pre-paid entrance fees to many attractions you want to see and…more importantly, with these cards, you never have to stand in a line for a ticket.

    Just swipe your card

    “What to see in London, Paris, Berlin or Holland” descriptive booklets come with these cards.(Also for Rome/Vatican, Vienna, Barcelona, Stockholm.)

  • City Cards…list what to see for over 50 cities…a great convenience

    Many City Cards include free public transport, free entrance fees to major attractions and discounts for things that you want - from restaurants to shopping.

    It’s a good way to prepare and budget your trip…again with many passes, you can often jump the queues!

    City Cards can be bought online, but we suggest first looking at what’s included (is it worthwhile for what you plan to do?) and then…if you want one, buy it in Europe. City Cards are not refundable.

  • What to see in Europe with one prepaid museum pass

    The Paris Museum Pass, a very popular pass in Europe, is valid for either two, four or six days…but remember that travelers under 26 have free entrance in many museums and monuments.

  • Transportation passes only - no attractions

    They’re convenient; however, in the European Travel & Vacation Resource Center you’ll find additional options that may be less expensive for you such as the Oyster Cards for London and the Carnets for Paris.

  • More opportunities for what to see in Europe on-your-own

    The European Travel Resource Center lists additional sightseeing options; for example, recommended tram rides in Helsinki and Amsterdam, city walks with kids in Paris, and direct links for free things to do in London, Paris and all other major cities in Europe.

  • Make selected museum reservations in advance

    Highly recommended for Italy - in summer it can easily take several hours to get into the best-known museums in Florence, Venice and Rome.

    You can make reservations online or via Select Italy. They will mail you an official voucher showing the exact time that you take with you.

    Yes, making a reservation at times may be a bit more expensive, but you can easily save hours…plus standing in line is not a fun experience that you want to do on a European vacation!

One of the great rail trips in Europe…on-your-own or partly escorted…

The Eurostar train from London to Paris offers you the most popular day rail excursion in Europe.

And you have three options depending on how much you want to see in Paris…

  • Eurostar to Paris plus a one day Hop On - Hop Off bus ticket…you’re on your own
  • Eurostar to Paris plus a half-day guided tour including the Eiffel Tower
  • Eurostar to Paris plus a full day guided tour of Paris with Versailles

From London to Edinburgh is another popular day trip. It’s un-escorted, however, you receive an Edinburgh Hop On - Hop Off tour ticket to all the sights.

For rail programs, visit the Train Vacations section in this Tutorial.

So…what’s the best and simplest way to decide what to see in Europe “On Your Own”?

  • Buy the best guidebook for your purpose for the country and city you’re planning to visit.
  • Decide what to see in Europe…London…Paris…or other cities and how to do it…on your own or guided.
  • Follow the tips in this Tutorial and the European Travel Resource Center.
  • Make your vacation a Fun trip…remember…you probably won’t be able to see everything, so better plan ahead for what you don’t want to miss this time…


If you enjoyed Europe…you’ll be back. I promise!

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